Patternmaking in Public Places is a New York-based project seeking to democratize access to patternmaking by removing barriers of geography, economics, age, language, and intimidation. PIPP believes that patterns are the shapes of our bodies and our dreams, and they should belong to all of us.

In the summer of 2019, PIPP hosted free public patternmaking demonstrations at parks in all five boroughs of NYC. Aspiring enthusiasts and unsuspecting passersby were invited to attend, watch, ask questions, and gather new ideas to take home.

In 2020, we hosted a series of guest patternmakers via virtual demonstrations and talks. These presentations were all recorded and are available for viewing, anytime, for free, right here.

PIPP was started by Louisa Owen Sonstroem, a maker and educator, who works at the intersection of clothing, sustainability, and individual empowerment. Learn more here.